Not Your Momma's History

About Us

Not Your Momma's History consults with and aids museums, historical sites, historical societies, private businesses, etc. in developing specialized programing about slavery and the African experience within 18th and 19th century America.

Cheyney McKnight graduated from Simmons College with a Bachelors degree in Political Science in 2011, and has since dedicated herself to the research and education of American Slavery. She has interpreted 18th, early 19th and mid 19th century slavery as a Living Historian in 26 states, and worked with over 45 historic sites.  She is trained to the standards of the National Association of Interpretation (NAI) and is an experienced historical interpreter with over 3000 hours of interpretive experience.  Cheyney has also crafted and written over 18 tours for sites in Virginia and has written 13 specialized museum programs throughout the East Coast.  She is also an experienced down hearth cook and public speaker.